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Have you roof cleaned of moss and algae today by the roof cleaning specialists, we cover Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee for roof cleaning.

All of our trained roofers have been cleaning roofs for over 20 years and our prices are the most competitive around.

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Tiled Roof Cleaning

Tiled roof cleaning is the main type of roof we are requested to clean as the build up of moss and algae sticks to the rough surface of the tiles, our trained roof cleaners can clean any tiled roof in Fife, Edinburgh or Dundee with the greatest of skill and care.

Slate roof cleaning

Slate roof cleaning is a speciality and must be carried out with the same care and attention as any other roof type but must also be done with a pressure adjustable power washer. We can make any slate roof look like brand new with our state of the art cleaning equipment.

Metal Roof Cleaning

We are getting more and more industrial properties requesting us to clean their roofs as they have problems with bird droppings and green algae and moss, by using our adjustable power jet wash we can clean any metal roof whether industrial or residential.

Flat Roof Cleaning

Flat roofs tend to collect a lot of debris and muck and therefore growth of weeds and plant life are commkon on these roof types, it's not always easy to see however as flat roofs can be difficult to view. Our trained roof cleaners can clean any flat roof to the highest standard.

We clean roofs In Fife, Edinburgh And Dundee

Having a heavy build up of moss or plant life on your roof can cause numerous problems to the roof structure. The moss and other overgrowth will keep your roof wet and damp for a lot longer due to the absorption of water and holding it for longer than a clean roof would, this is especially bad for your roof in the winter when the moss and overgrowth can freeze and become heavier causing a strain on the existing roof and in some cases the tiles or slates can crack and bfreak under this strain.

Roof clean advice

There is no easy answer to this as every roof needs to undergo a strict physical survey to make sure it can be cleaned and if so what type of cleaning will suit the roof in question. For example a tiled roof with damaged or cracked tiles will need to be repaired to ensure that the roof is watertight before any cleaning process can take place, if the roof is deemed to be porous we will not clean the roof but we will provide details of the problems.

We clean roofs in Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee and most of central Scotland.

We offer protective clear and coloured coatings and we will explain this to you upon supplying a quotation for your roof cleaning.

All roofs are repaired to a maintainable standard before cleaning in order for us to provide a warranty.

Our clients say

Fantastic job of taking the moss off my tiled roof and also cleared all my guttering.
Harry Sheach
Our roof was thick with moss and we had it cleaned by this company, really happy with the finished job.
Bob Pratt
Had my roof cleaned and coated last week and the work is cracking, no mess left either.
Jim Younger
We got the moss removed from our roof in Kirkcaldy yesterday and the guys done a great job, i would recommend.
May Derrick